Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Crunch Time

Sorry I have been here for a bit.  It is busy season here.  Counting down to the last day of school means lots of room mom activities for me.  Planning our vacation.  Diva is still doing her competitions which means twice weekly practices.  Professor is finishing up his first year of cub scouts.  Hubs and I are trying to find time for our own getaways.  We are getting new floors throughout the entire house!  That is a chore!  I am packing and purging and throwing away 9 years of married crap (you know, the stuff people gave us at our wedding that we never used but moved three different times)!  We are planning a fundraiser yard sale for our gardener and his family so it helping to purge for a good cause.  So, we are busy right now.  A good busy but busy none the less.  So if I am not around that is why.
I will leave you with a picture of the Zac Brown Band concert that Hubs and I got to go to just last weekend.  It was so awesome!  They are our favorite band ever!  We were in the 6th row and dead center at the Hollywood Bowl!  I danced and sang the entire night...never sat down!  Oh, it was so amazing!
The picture is from my cell phone so it isn't the best! But I was snapping away all night!

Happy May!  I will probably talk to you all in June!

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