Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wake UP and a giveaway

My brain is a buzz with so many things.  Things to remember and things to learn.  I want to remember that the Professor's teacher's birthday is next week and I want to do this for her along with baking her some cupcakes, white chocolate covered strawberries and a jar of Swedish fish (her fave candy).  I also have to remember that I need to have the entire class of 28 kids sign her card before the weekend!

 One thing that I want to learn is how to take beautiful pictures like this lovely lady over at The Rusted Chain.  I am having a friend come over next week to teach me how to calibrate my camera to my computer to my printer so that something might come out the way I see it through my lens!  Speaking of this adorable blog.  Beki is having a giveaway!  Oh, did I forget to mention that she also makes delicious jewelry?!  Go check out her giveaway right now!  I could really use that Savor Moments you think that if I wore it all of the time then some energy would seep out of that sweet cuppa by osmosis?  I hope I win it but if not then I can still go order one!  Isn't that the loveliest blog?
Here are some of my own works in progress to keep you coming back!
Love ya!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sugar and Sunlight

Diva playing on the slide in the late afternoon inspired me to pull out my camera.

Love the sunshine in her hair.
Golden goodness.

Playing with the sun flair.

Diva and I shared an early Valentine's Day treat
hot cocoa

Love her shirt...Puppy Love...since she acts like a puppy all the time
Love the scalloped edge of this cake plate


Love Pink, Love Birds, Love-Birds

The chipiness of this bowl is my favorite part


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday I posted about discovering my old high school friend, Tara.  I sent you on over to her blog, Just Be Blogged and I expected you to spend some time poking around and admiring her style.  That is what I do every time I visit...which is every morning (more like 4 or 5 times a day)!  She always amazes me with what she sees through her lens.
After I contacted her and we emailed back and forth for a year or so I made a decision.  Hubs and I were going to get our family photos done and it had to be Tara.  There are so many things about my family that I wanted to capture in a still frame.  Moments I want frozen.  I filled out Tara's questionnaire and explained these things to her as best I could but I didn't know how well it could be done.  Ha, let me just tell you now, Tara can do it!
Tara captured all of the moments I wanted and those I didn't even know I needed until I saw them on the screen.  She saw the love that we share with each other and she got it.  Man, she even got a look that I gave Hubs in one shot that I didn't even know I gave him anymore!  Look for it in the slide show...#75.  It reminds me of the days when we first started dating, when he was my whole world and I wanted to spend the day just staring at him.  Who knew I still did that?!  She got the shots of Diva's freckles and curls and multi colored eyes.  She got Professor's endless-pools-of-blue eyes, his tongue-in-teeth concentration, gappy grin that will be gone soon.  She captured us in our home surrounded by the things that we love.  The kids playing on the piano that used to be pounded on by my brothers and me when it sat in my Granny's house.  The kids at their homework table drawing bridges with their rainbow colors of crayons.  She captured us in our neighborhood with the things that makes our community important to US!  The oranges, the green fields and mountains way off in the background. 
Tara is a mysteriously talented woman.  I feel happier knowing her and blessed to have my families images captured by her artistic eye.
Please enjoy the slide show.  I would love to hear which ones you love.
Here is the link:
password: home
Turn up the volume, she added lovely music too!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Fate; fortune.
It was kismet that I was perusing photography blogs one day in 2009.  Kismet that my eyes were seeking art, beauty, truth, real life and photography all wrapped up in a blog.  Kismet when I stumbled upon a cute little blog she called Just Be Blogged with a sweet little heart in a house symbol.  Kismet when my eyes paused over the name, Tara Whitney....Huh, I knew a Tara Duff in high school that dated a boy named Jeff Whitney.  I scrolled through to find a picture of the author/artist/master mind of this cute blog and then my jaw hit the keyboard.  There sat my old friend, Tara Whitney.  Yep, she married that cute boy from high school.  She was now this beautiful-world-traveling-rad-talented photographer!

I wanted to wave my hand from the back of the room, "Hi, Tara, hi, its me, LeAnne.   Do you remember me? We sat in Mrs. Jackson's English class together. Please-please-please remember me!"  It was like  some kind of celebrity sighting.  Guess what!  When I did email her, she did remember me and she called me a dork for asking!!!!  I loved it!!!!  She is so down to earth and real and amazingly talented.  Seriously!People travel across the country to have her photograph their families!!!!  I SWEAR!  Well, maybe they were already going to be here and they plan her into their least that is what the wives tell the husbands to get them here!  So, it was kismet that got me to her blog and put me back in touch with my old high school friend, Tara.
So, please go take a minute or 20 to look at her fabulous blog,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Something Beautiful

I have something exciting and beautiful to share with you tomorrow!!!!

Just Want To Put It Into The Universe

I am having a moment of superstition or something like that.  I am thinking that if I put this out into the universe then it will last and last and last I FINALLY FEEL GOOD!!!
Now, Universe, take these words and let them float away and circle around and become permanent and true and lasting.  I am tired of being sick.  I have suffered through countless migraines in the last month.  I have suffered through full torso ring worm.  I am just now, like right this minute, feeling better after suffering a stomach bug.
So, Universe, take these words and give them wings and let them become my daily mantra!
Thank you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A work in process

Hi, I am a piece of work.  Ha!  That can be taken so many ways...and I guess it could be true on most days.  But today it means that I am in the process of moving my blog from Word Press back to Blogger.  I was feeling very limited over at Word Press.  I have been away from Blogger for quite awhile and now that I am back there seems to be a lot to learn.  So please be patient with me while I learn the ropes again.  I want to figure out how to show off my photos and make this blog work for me!  I want it to make me sound witty!  I want it to make me look like I have a creative life!  Ha!
So, I will be in and out getting it all pretty.  So please come in and give me your input.  I need all the advice I can get!