Friday, April 15, 2011

I got blogged about!

Well, I have mentioned her here before, but I must say that Tara Whitney is one special photographer.  Not only can she take amazing photos but she writes so beautifully!  I remember reading her essays in our high school honors classes and just knowing that she had IT.  That special way to capture her readers and draw them in.  If you read her comments you can see that she can still do it, every other one says that tears were involved.  I am often wiping my eyes or my nose after reading her blog!
Today, we were her topic of choice!  I love being her topic of choice!  It is like being a celebrity just because I am featured on her blog.  I mean, Tara has gone to other continents to do her photography!  She has been a guest speaker for her photography.  Back before she was a world renowned photographer she was being published in scrapbook mags for her scrapbooking.  Before that?  Well, she was my high school friend and we rode to prom in a limo with a Jacuzzi in the back.  Ha!  We were something else back then.
Tara is just someone amazing because she is just so grounded.  I am just blessed to be someone that knows her and was photographed by her.
Go look for yourself!

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  1. Loved looking at these again :)
    just perfect.