Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Time

Spring has been a fickle character around here.  One week she shows up with beautiful temps in the 80s and gets us all outdoors soaking up some vitamin D.  The next week she creeps in with damp foggy skies and barely reaches above 60 and forces us into our jackets.  For Easter she is treating us to some drizzly wet yuck!
We love the warm weather, of course!  I love the chance to put the ipod on the back patio and dance with the kids, get my hands in some dirt and create lovely little planters for my front porch.
So, I thought now that it is gray outside it would be nice to share some of the gorgeous colors that would greet you at my front door!
Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


I love to collect enamel ware.  This piece works perfectly as a planter.

Hello Mr. Ladybug.

Love the bright colors of these pots.

String of pearls hanging in a pitcher.

Mr. Toad is hiding from the sun.

I just love the color orange right now.

Love the ruffles of this mum!


  1. Happy Easter!
    Your pictures are so welcoming :)

    Personally, though, todays weather is perfect!
    I did two photo shoots today, and I love having no squinting...and no shadows :)

  2. saw this, and thought of you...darling!

  3. Sara, I am now obsessed with finding rainboots (cuz ours still fit us) at the SA or yard sales, and I am going to do this on the gate to our back yard. It is so boring on this side of our house! Thanks for the in inspiration!

  4. I know! Glad you liked them! If I see Any, I will let You know!