Friday, December 23, 2011

Getting in The Christmas Mood

We have all been fighting this cold at a at our house.  So, I did not get to do any of the baking and crafting that I wanted to do early in the season.  I was all over Pinterest pinning away all of the fabulous things I was going to make to give to friends and neighbors.  But when I finally felt well enough to do anything it was already the 19th and there really wasn't much time.  Then, Hubs came home sick from work and that blew any plans I had, right out of the water.  I am very much a germ-phobe and will not bake something in a "sick house" to give away to someone else.  But my desire to bake was so strong!!!!  I gave in and searched out the simplest recipes I could find and whipped those up...only after I Cloroxed the entire house!
I wanted to share the links for these ideas, they are so simple that you could whip them up today! Just in time for Christmas and run them over to the neighbors and impress them with your creativity!!! Or...keep them for yourself and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner like me!

First up were the most delish chocolatey-minty cookies!!!  And they are made with only 4 ingredients!

These Holiday Pretzel Treats are so addicting and so easy to make!

These Candy Cane Marshmallow Treats were super easy to make.  I just copied the picture as there were no directions to go with the picture.  *Note, the link may not always go back to this picture.*  But, as you can see it is a mini candy cane, stuck into a large marshmallow, dipped in melted chocolate (I just melted semisweet chocolate chips in my mini crock pot) and rolled in crushed candy canes.  I ran out of crushed candy canes and rolled some in sanding sugar and it looked pretty too!  I thought these would be fun for stirring hot cocoa.

Well, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas...and are all healthy!


  1. Those PRETZEL treats are THE BEST!! They are our families' 'speshul treat' and can be changed up for ANY occasion (red/whit = Valentines; school colors for graduation parties; purple/green for winery bus trips; orange/black = Halloween eyeballs). EVERYONE always LOVES them!! 250° for 3min.

  2. Svelte! Thanks for the temp upgrade!!! Those pretzels are so good I am afraid I might make them "just because"!!!

  3. HI L~
    Just dropping by to wish You and your family HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Haven't heard from you in a l.o.n.g. time - hope that is a sign that all is well and that you are doing lots of FUN! things 8-).
    Take care, and Best Wishes,