Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Even Bought Their Yardsale Sign!

The weather here has been absolutely NON WINTRY! I have been desperately craving rain and windy storms but since I can't have it my way then I decided to take advantage of the 75 degree January weather and hit some yard sales.  I grabbed my friend K last weekend and we found a few good yard sales and a really dirty estate sale!  At the very last yard sale that we walked up to there wasn't much out in the driveway and I felt a sense of disappointment that it would end like that.  But then, as I turned to walk back to the car I looked at their yard sale sign.  It was a cool, giant cabinet door painted as a chalkboard.  I jokingly asked the man if he would sell me his sign.  I was a bit taken aback when he actually said "SURE"!  I asked him how much for the sign and he said, "you can have it for two dollars."  SOLD!!!!  It is so awesome with two locks on the bottom and hinges on the back.  The back of the door is painted black and the front is a green chalk board.  I plan on taking the hinges off and hanging it on the wall over our desk/work station!  So, beware, sellers...nothing is off limits to me!!!

Speaking of off limits, I will also buy your mailbox from in front of your house...I will give you back the bills inside.  No, I kid, this mailbox was for sale.  I picked it up at a block sale and paid $10 for it.  I may move it to a new location in my garden but I did buy it intentionally for the backyard as a decoration.

Here are some of the other items that I picked up on the first weekend out with my friend, K.
A Redmon Basket.  After conferring with a blog friend that collects these, I think this is a newer one and not worth as much as the antiques. It is still super cute and well worth the $1 that I got it for! 

I have been wanting one of these bicycle baskets to hang in the garage to coral some of
the random balls that are rolling around.

I am still in awe of these beakers and test tubes (5 beakers and 11 tubes in all) that I picked
up at that dirty estate sale.  The man that passed away was a Horticulturist at
the local university.  I have seen some cute ideas for these on Pinterest.
The prices were decent, $2 for the beakers and $1 for the test tubes.  I could
have spent all of my yard sale money on them.  There were over 300 test tubes in
the garage!!!

I envision using these baskets to hold craft items in my craft room.  I have
no idea what the red handle wire items are but I think they will look great
holding cards that I create.

This weekend I had the opportunity to get out and sale again with another local friend whom I actually met in blog world!  Crazy story...Angie of All My Treasures and I "met" on another blogger's comment section.  We realized that our comments about our cities sounded too similar.  Long story short, through some emails, we figured out that we lived in the same city.  After a few years of communicating through emails and each others' blogs we met this past summer when I went to her yard sale and bought some furniture! 

So, back to this weekend.  Angie and I went out salin' and had a blast!  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  My sides were aching for hours afterward!  We found ourselves exploring a few cities away.  Thank goodness I drive a minivan and carry a tape measure in my purse!  Here is what the damage looked like by the end of the day!
Filled to the brim with baskets, frames, books and odds and ends!

Angie scored a fabulous vintage settee in pristine condition and a coffee table!
Oh, that giant frame on the top of it all, that is MINE!!!! I can't wait to paint it some gorgeous color!

Some of the highlights of this weekend with Angie would be: The man that told us that he had some sweaters that would fit us...because they were stretchy!  The settee was snatched up for only $20 and the old lady started at $40.  We measured it and knew it would fit but Angie wanted to think about it. I guess the lady thought we were playing hardball.  She kept coming back and saying, "okay how about $35...I will come down to $30...alright I will give it to you for $25...I let it go for $20."  Angie never had to say anything, she really was trying to decide if she really wanted it, but for $20 we couldn't say no to something we would never see again!!!  Or how about the house that was so gross that we felt dirty just driving by it!  But best of all was this building...we had to turn around to take a picture...I almost peed myself laughing so hard!
Phore Sail
4.5 Achers 3 Loughts

Ummmm....Yeah!  That will sell really fast!

That is all of my adventures for the month of January.  The rest of my weekends are filled with real life obligations.  I fully intend to get out again in February!  Happy treasure hunting to you all!


  1. I am happy that you had so much fun with your new friend. I don't have a thrifting buddy (other than The Bean) but I bet it would be fun. I love that chalkboard and of course the picnic basket. As for the Phore Sail........I have no words. :O

  2. That sounds like SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
    THANKS for sharing, and letting us join in on your fun ;)

  3. This is close to Hemet right? I laugh every time I pass by.