Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Fate; fortune.
It was kismet that I was perusing photography blogs one day in 2009.  Kismet that my eyes were seeking art, beauty, truth, real life and photography all wrapped up in a blog.  Kismet when I stumbled upon a cute little blog she called Just Be Blogged with a sweet little heart in a house symbol.  Kismet when my eyes paused over the name, Tara Whitney....Huh, I knew a Tara Duff in high school that dated a boy named Jeff Whitney.  I scrolled through to find a picture of the author/artist/master mind of this cute blog and then my jaw hit the keyboard.  There sat my old friend, Tara Duff...now Whitney.  Yep, she married that cute boy from high school.  She was now this beautiful-world-traveling-rad-talented photographer!

I wanted to wave my hand from the back of the room, "Hi, Tara, hi, its me, LeAnne.   Do you remember me? We sat in Mrs. Jackson's English class together. Please-please-please remember me!"  It was like  some kind of celebrity sighting.  Guess what!  When I did email her, she did remember me and she called me a dork for asking!!!!  I loved it!!!!  She is so down to earth and real and amazingly talented.  Seriously!People travel across the country to have her photograph their families!!!!  I SWEAR!  Well, maybe they were already going to be here and they plan her into their vacation...at least that is what the wives tell the husbands to get them here!  So, it was kismet that got me to her blog and put me back in touch with my old high school friend, Tara.
So, please go take a minute or 20 to look at her fabulous blog, http://tarawhitney.com/justbeblogged/.


  1. I looked at them all..
    after every one, I said "OH...this one is my favorite...no, wait. This one..."

    But, I really love the one of you and The Diva nose to nose.

    Can I be like Tara when I grow up??

  2. Haaa haaa, Sara, I once asked her that same question! She is really inspirational!