Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wake UP and a giveaway

My brain is a buzz with so many things.  Things to remember and things to learn.  I want to remember that the Professor's teacher's birthday is next week and I want to do this for her along with baking her some cupcakes, white chocolate covered strawberries and a jar of Swedish fish (her fave candy).  I also have to remember that I need to have the entire class of 28 kids sign her card before the weekend!

 One thing that I want to learn is how to take beautiful pictures like this lovely lady over at The Rusted Chain.  I am having a friend come over next week to teach me how to calibrate my camera to my computer to my printer so that something might come out the way I see it through my lens!  Speaking of this adorable blog.  Beki is having a giveaway!  Oh, did I forget to mention that she also makes delicious jewelry?!  Go check out her giveaway right now!  I could really use that Savor Moments you think that if I wore it all of the time then some energy would seep out of that sweet cuppa by osmosis?  I hope I win it but if not then I can still go order one!  Isn't that the loveliest blog?
Here are some of my own works in progress to keep you coming back!
Love ya!


  1. The Rusted Chain...(sigh)...
    She's fantastic.
    And wonderful to work with...cause you know, I have many favorites from her!
    Love your pics!
    I just had another photo shoot this weekend.
    Why don't we get together and play cameras...

  2. I would love to get together and play!!! Do you prefer to take pics of kids or do you want to do a different kind of adventure? I like to shake it up. A photo adventure of the antique shops might be fun if we can leave the kids with the dads. If not then we can force the kids to be our subjects and they can finally play together!!!

  3. I'm up for anything!
    I'm typically always shooting kids (hee hee...I have the I Shoot People necklace of bekis! )...So a change would be fun! Or we could do lunch and talk camera one day....and play another day. Do you still talk to gina? Maybe she'd like to do lunch.....

  4. THANKS for the 'heads up' on the give-away!! Your photos are lookin good!!

  5. L- Is everything okay out on the West Coast? Hope your migraines haven't gotten the better of you!! Send us a sign to let us know that everything is okay! Thinking of you 8-) S~