Sunday, February 6, 2011

A work in process

Hi, I am a piece of work.  Ha!  That can be taken so many ways...and I guess it could be true on most days.  But today it means that I am in the process of moving my blog from Word Press back to Blogger.  I was feeling very limited over at Word Press.  I have been away from Blogger for quite awhile and now that I am back there seems to be a lot to learn.  So please be patient with me while I learn the ropes again.  I want to figure out how to show off my photos and make this blog work for me!  I want it to make me sound witty!  I want it to make me look like I have a creative life!  Ha!
So, I will be in and out getting it all pretty.  So please come in and give me your input.  I need all the advice I can get!