Monday, March 14, 2011

Which Way Is Up?

I am back after a rather long break.  I haven't been posting much lately.  I have been writing a post but when I come back to it, I don't like it and erase it.  There just doesn't seem to be anything interesting to it.  But today I need to write just for me.  So, if you want to go now that would be alright. 
Our family has been very busy with  illness, school, dance competition, cub scouts and life in general.  I am just trying to keep my head above the water.  Here are some cute pictures to keep you entertained.
Diva in her squirrel costume for competition!

Professor won first place in his den race
for his pinewood derby car.

These two kids have been quite the troopers for the past few months.  Working hard at school and their extracurricular activities. 
Can you believe that the Professor built his own car?  Granted, Hubs, used the saw to cut the car out.  But Professor designed it and sanded it and polished the axles.  Hubs showed him how to use a spray paint can and he painted it himself.  He placed the stickers on and helped Hubs hammer in the nails for the tires.  So, it did irk me a bit when some of the parents were making comments such as, "congrats on that win, Dad" or "nice job there, Dad".  We are firm believers in letting the kids do their own projects and being proud of the outcome of their own or lose!  So, therefore, CONGRATULATIONS, PROFESSOR, ON WINNING YOUR FIRST PINEWOOD DERBY RACE!
As for Diva, she has been dancing her little tooshie off.  We have been teaching her that the focus of competition is on having fun and not winning.  So, imagine my delight when I overheard her playing with her toys and telling them, "now, before you go on stage, remember, it isn't about winning but having fun!"  It totally made my day!  I do have issues with dance competitions in some aspects, the makeup and some of the other dancers' costumes and routines are too risque for our taste.  But, Diva is too young to notice any of this.  I did have a run in with another mom from another studio who thought it was perfectly within her right to step on Diva's garmet bag and almost onto her costume since they were in her way on the floor!  I held my tongue because we represent another person's business and instead I gathered Diva up and left the area.  But let me tell you, I was blowing smoke out of my ears!  I don't like the entitled egos that walk around the competitions.  Will Diva dance in competition next year?  I don't know.  She loves dancing.  She's dancing ALL.DAY.LONG at home.  She talks about dancing and she choreographs her own dances.  She is made to dance.  But, I don't like the environment that she could end up in.  Fortunately she is at a studio that dresses the girls in age-appropriate costumes and has them doing age-appropriate moves (no four year olds gyrating their hips here!).  So, I am okay with it right now.
So, now you know where I been lately.  We are having a lot of fun and family time!
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. OMG..that first picture is darling.
    I can hardly stand it.

    And, to everything else.
    Amen, sister.