Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If I Still Had Face Book....

If I still had FB these would be some of my status updates:

What ever happened to the 24 hour stomach flu that I suffered from as a kid?  Why do my kids get a 5 day stomach flu?

Thank God, my washing machine has a "sanitize" setting on it.  It has been very useful.

Does my child have an internal vomit setting that goes off at 2:30am every morning?

At least I got to go to the Salvation Army Thrift before all hell broke loose!  I found some nice crockery bowls too.

Now I really want to find a "flour sack" table runner to set the bowls on.

You know, Yogi Ginger Tea taste like black pepper.  But if it settles my tummy then I will suffer through.

Why do my kids get sick when I have plans for  Mommy Time?

Hmmm, my cats have learned to let themselves out the screen door.  They are supposed to be indoor cats.

Hey Cats, go scratch a tree, not my couches!

Mmmm, I love the smell of Hyacinths.  I have them all over the house and front porch.  I am ready for Spring!

I miss my friends.  One moved 3 hours away and we never said goodbye.  Another works and we just don't make time.  And the others, well we are friends because of our kids and we still don't find the time to hang out.

There is this friend that I met through our kids and she is the most generous lady.  She brought us a care package yesterday.  It had a book for me, a magazine for me, silly bands for the kids, a card game for the kids and two cans of soup.  She also picked up the Professor's make up work and homework packet.  I really like her!

I am going to really "hate" Scooby Doo shows by the time the kids go back to school!!!!  I don't want to hum the theme song in my sleep anymore!

So, you see, I am seriously bored and may need to get back onto FB just so I can write nonsense and believe people find me entertaining because they comment on it.

Now, off to wash some pillows.

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