Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is There Light?

As my readers know, haaaa haaaa, "my readers", I crack myself up!  Hi there girls.  Oh and hey, Sue, thanks for the comment...really felt the love!
Anyway, as you know sometimes I use this blog as my outlet for the times when being a stay at home mom gets the best of me.
So this is going to be on of those posts.  A "cleansing" post if I may be so free with that word right now.

Is there light at the end of this tunnel?  Will my kids actually go back to school?  They are pretty much going to miss the entire week.  I had to sit myself down and come to terms with the fact that I could not rush them into health.  I could not Clorox their immune systems clean.  Just when things were looking good the Virus would come up behind me and smack me on the head with a new symptom.
For the last two nights Diva has awaken at 2am to christen her bed with vomit.  Her and I then end up downstairs on the couch.  I would find myself jumping at every noise she made, ready with the basin if she needed me.  Well, last night I awoke at 3am all on my own and rejoiced that Diva was still asleep.  But that is where I cursed myself, because then I was up.  My mind was running and I wasn't going back to sleep.  So, night sleep...equals...MIGRAINE! 
*Poor Hubs, I actually cried on his shoulder this morning that I wanted a Starbucks coffee to be delivered to my doorstep.  I may have been delirious at that point.  Mind you, I have not seen the light of day since Saturday!  Sweet man that he is, he went and bought me a big giant cup of Starbucks before he went to work.
If only the day had gotten better from there!  But alas, the coffee was my high point.  It bolstered my energy and stamina for what came next.  Did you know that a child that lies flat on her back and vomits water looks very much like a geyser?  That was my brief observation before said geyser hit me in the face and chest.  So, after two showers, a Bissell Spotbot treatment for the couch and floor and a good long nap for the Diva, we are doing much better.  The couch cushions are sunning themselves dry in the beautiful weather outside.  The kids are playing a bit.  My migraine is gone although I still have hideous dark circles under my eyes.
Oma and Papa were sweet enough to drop off the Rapunzel doll and DVD for Diva and some trucks for Professor.  Of course, they could only talk to the kids through the window because I refuse to share the Virus with anyone! 
I really hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Next week is our spring break!  I need to get out of here!

*Update* My dear friend, M, who doesn't even read this blog, did drop off a Starbucks coffee for me this afternoon!  I opened my door to find Professor's makeup school work and a coffee for me sitting next to my hyacinths!  She is one special lady!


  1. am I going to get ill by reading this blog?
    Projective vomitting isn't a thing that I have done since college days... and I REALLY don't miss it all that much!

  2. Yikes. I fact imagine. But once, Jack stood at the top of the stairs to inform me he was sick....and the barfed ALL the way down. Hitting each step...and the walls and in between each banister pole. Dear lord, I wanted to run away.