Monday, March 28, 2011


I told my friend this morning that if she drives by and sees a black flag flying in front of our house it means we have been quarantined.  I think that the stench of Clorox will permanently be burned into my nostrils.  No amount of glove wearing or hand washing will remove the faint bleachy smell from my hands either.  I am almost tempted to bathe my kids in too.
Well, we have been hit hard this year!  Hit by every ugly, icky, nasty bug that is out there.  They attach themselves to one of us and then spread through the family at an alarming rate!  We have missed birthday parties, dance practices, after school play times, days and days of school and yard sales due to these nasty bugs.  But let me tell you...this one is bad!  It involves the tummy and...well, I don't want to gross anyone out so I will just stopped there and say that we are doing lots of laundry.
Diva got it and shared it with Daddy and then Daddy shared it with the Professor and now Momma has it!  How am I supposed to take care of cleaning up after all the sick kiddos when I am sick.  Well, with lots and lots of Clorox spray and gloves.  In fact Hubs is picking up more gloves and Clorox at the grocery store as we speak.
I was thinking of a picture to add but...really...what kind of picture do you put with this post?
I think I might go wrap some crime tape around my front porch now.  I don't want anyone near my house.  This virus is wild and crazy and looking for a new host!

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